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... is the musical project of Prague-based musician Tamara Shmidt (UA/CZ) It is a mixture of soft vocals, piano and electronic experiments. Awali's show is always a treat for all lovers of sophisticated electronic music and dreamy pop, bringing the listener an interesting and refreshing sound.

HERE you can buy/share or just listen to Awali's music albums:


... is also a solo production of Prague-based musician Tamara Sofia Shmidt (UA/CZ). Piano, vocals and electronic experiments, or the other way around... Sophie's Flower is constantly on a music quest, looking for creative ways of expressing piercing tenderness, deafening anger or the mood of the escapist... 


Awali started as a band in Spring 2013 in collaboration with DJ Aitcher Clark.

We made official soundtracks for the Prague Cannafest: years 2013, 2014 and 2015.

May 2014: released EP Breadcrumbs

Dec 2014: Musiczone.cz - http://www.musiczone.cz/rozhovor-316/awali-momentalne-oba-makame-od-nevidim-do-nevidim 

- Quote: "Awali are one of the bright discoveries of this year, at least for anyone who likes electronic music, in this case it's softer, quieter and sophisticated side."

Dec 2014: http://www.muzikus.cz/novinky/Audiotip-Awali-potesi-zasnene-i-naruzive~04~prosinec~2014/ 

Feb 2015: released the album Between Significant

Feb 2015 - http://www.sgrgldr.com/2015/03/01/awali-between-significant-lp/ - 

- Quote: "Awali‘s debut album Between Significant is such a jewel. It simply gives you shivers, mostly painful ones. Based on a relatively pure concept – a piano and vocals, occasionally accompanied by a cello and distant samples – the twelve tracks push the boundaries of psychological effects a record may have on a listener, evoking strong visual imaginations of dreamy sceneries and encounters that never took place. It’s so powerful the plastic bag of American Beauty would be dying for such a soundtrack."

Mar 2015 - http://www.muzikus.cz/novinky/Debut-Awali-je-poklonou-vsem-naladam-a-spontannim-napadum~08~brezen~2015/ 

- Quote: "..it's not an ordinary case for the Czech scene, it reminds us about less emphasized modern classics or soberly minimalist electronics, triphop, where occasionally appears delicate voice of Tamara Schmidt."

Apr 2015: Awali were opening act for Snow Ghosts at the Prague Festival Euroconnections.

Apr 2015: http://www.fullmoonzine.cz/clanky/smutenky-podle-snow-ghosts 

- Quote: "with their mix of electronica, contemporary classical music and dreamy pop they proved to be a right choice as the the support act. No wonder Awali is called one of the biggest names from the smallest category (the alternative music) of the domestic scene."

Apr 2015: http://www.fullmoonzine.cz/clanky/kdykoliv-je-cas-skladame-awali - 

May 2015 - http://www.muzikus.cz/publicistika/Czech-it-Awali~04~kveten~2015/

- Quote: "..this way Awali are artfully balancing somewhere between mental nutritious food for intellectuals and pleasant soundtrack for a lazy rainy afternoon.."

May 2015: Awali released single Giselle

18 Jun 2015 - United Islands of Prague Festival - Awali played for the Club night - http://unitedislands.cz/35-dni-do-35-ceskych-objevu-pro-klubovou-noc-praguelovesmusic/ 

- Quote: "Right on first hearing it is musically exceptional project with the global sound. Ambient electronics that will caress. Amazing vocals."

Project Awali was nominated for the contest Czeching 2015

Since November 2015 Awali is a solo-project of Tamara Sofia Shmidt.

16 Sep 2016 - release of the album White Silence

Sep 2017 - release of the SP Once When

Oct 2017 - release of the SP Astras on Krmelec Recordings

30 Jan 2018 - release of the album AD ASTRA on XION label (Prague, CZ)




For booking:

Tamara Shmidt
phone +420 773 969 872, 

email project.awali@gmail.com









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